Karen Aqua
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(2011 • Running Time: 4:08)
Director/producer/animator: Karen Aqua
Music & Sound Design: Ken Field
Technical Assistant: Julie Zammarchi
With support from: Roswell Artist-In-Residence Program & Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico
The animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms reside in a state of constant flux, reflecting a world of transience, mutability, and impermanence.  Through the metaphor of transformation, this film explores the themes of malleability, instability, and interconnectedness.

Twist of Fate
(2009 • 8 minutes 40 seconds)
Soundtrack: Ken Field
Music: Birdsongs of the Mesozoic with Encanti
Twist of Fate
This 35mm experimental animated film explores the transformative experience of being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. This expressionistic piece captures impressions of such an experience: upheaval, uncertainty, a sense of physical intrusion, and loss of control. Exploring this emotional and physical landscape, the film visualizes an internal world inside the body, imagined on a cellular level.

(2007 • 5 minutes)
Co-directed/co-produced by Karen Aqua & Ken Field
Animation: Karen Aqua
Music: Ken Field
A hand-drawn experimental animation exploring the relationship between music and image. Inspired by dance gestures and movements found in nature such as water and tide pools, the film is a study of sound/motion synthesis. An alphabet of abstract animated and musical gestures combines in various configurations to create a visible rhythm.

(2004 • 6 minutes)
Collaboration with Joanna Priestley
Music: Juanito Pascual
A traveler’s love letter to Andalucía, this animated film is an homage to the culture, landscape, and architecture of southern Spain. The film explores details of the natural world in relation to the four elements, and suggests the close relationship between people and the land which they inhabit.

Ground Zero/Sacred Ground
(1997 • 9 minutes)
Music: Ken Field
Ground Zero/Sacred Ground still
In south-central New Mexico, an ancient Native American rock art site lies 35 miles from the detonation site of the world’s first atomic bomb. The juxtaposition of these sites points to the striking contrast between the two worlds which created them: one which reveres and lives in harmony with the natural world, and one which, in striving to control the forces of nature, has created a means for its destruction.

Perpetual Motion
(1992 • 5 minutes)
Music: Ken Field
Perpetual Motion still
A shrine to ritualized time. This film celebrates the cyclical nature of time, and the symbols and rites which have been created to mark and honor its passage.

(1989 • 4 minutes)
Music Composed by: Karlo Takki
Music Performed by: Skin
Kakania still
A striking blend of music and image, contrasting the tension and chaos of modern urban life with the ritualized order of tribal societies.

Nine Lives
(1987 • 7 minutes)
Music: Ken Field, Robert Moses, Ken Winokur
Nine Lives still
A fortune teller’s cards lead the viewer on a journey through time and collective memory, using the metaphor of a cat’s multiple lives.

Yours for the Taking
(1984 • 7 minutes)
Collaboration with clay artist Jeanée Redmond
Music: D. Sharpe
Yours for the Taking still
A three-legged cup embarks on a journey, filling itself with images and impressions of its surroundings.

(1982 • 12 minutes)
Music: Jacques Dorier
Vis-á-Vis still
An autobiographical fantasy, depicting the duality of an individual torn by conflicting desires. A reflection of the reconciliation between work and the creative imagination.

Heavenly Bodies
(1980 • 3 minutes)
Music: Handsome Brothers
Heavenly Bodies still
An astronomical love story.

(1976 • 4 minutes)
Music: Fla Lewis and Ken Field
Penetralia still
A person’s internal journey to the penetralia, the innermost place.
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